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I sit in my office and think about all the things I have to do. This time of the year gets a bit crazy, as racing is in full swing. The idea of some time off and the heat combine to make me think, “I'll do it tomorrow.” Sound familiar? I love to go away in the summer to visit my favorite spot in the mountains. In fact, it is one of the things that drives me. But when it’s getting close to the time to get ready, I find myself saying, "I'll do it tomorrow. It’s too..." This got me thinking about how easy it is to put it off until tomorrow, especially when you work a regular day job then come home to work on the race car. And especially when it’s hot. It’s easy to make excuses about not doing it today, but here lies the problem. To be competitive requires a lot of time and effort, and when we put it off until tomorrow, we are rushed and sometimes do not finish the job properly or even do it at all. Racing creates all kinds of stress, and with your help oftentimes being volunteers or family, it’s easy to get hurt feelings. One of the reasons we go racing is to have fun, so planning your time, keeping to a schedule, and dividing up the workload will help insure that all the work is done and done correctly. When things are left to be done at the track, they DO NOT get done correctly because time is very limited, thus the next load of stress. So let’s make it a point to try and do things early in the week so that if we need more time, we have it. And remember the most important thing: THANK the help. If you like this idea and need some pointers, I have a maintenance paper posted on the website that might help. Keep up the good work, as with hard work comes big rewards.

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