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Slow and Steady

The whole time I was writing this blog I constanly keep thinking of the story "The Tortoise and the Hare" and the phrase "slow and steady wins the race". So, it's Monday morning and you are very excited about the past weekend at the track and you can't wait to get back there on the coming weekend. The week can't go by any slower! So when that magnificent morning comes, you load up with your pals and head out to the track. Lets face it, we all know how chaotic and hectic it is at the track! So, it's very easy to get caught up in the hustle of the situation. Don't be ashamed of that feeling of stress or panic when you are at the track, it's natural! But, you need to understand that subconsciously your whole life and even in this modern world we live in today it's all about a quick fix and getting things done fast...10 minute workouts, quick microwave dinners, drive thru this and thats, etc! So obviously, when it comes to working on your car, subconsciously and for that matter consciously you are thinking those thoughts of getting this done quick. Before you know it you lose track of what you have done or left out. Then you go out on the track and your motor starts rattling and knocking and before you can shut off your engine, you killed your baby! Now your looking at $2,500 or more to fix a problem that could of very well been easily avoided if you just set your ego aside and did things SLOW AND STEADY. No matter how excited you are to get out to the track just remember to ask yourself "is it worth destroying something or even harming others or yourself" all because you want to get out there and race or practice. So learn to take a deep breath and calm down so you can clear your head. Pace yourself and work on your car slow and steady. It may sound foolish that you missed a practice or even a race because you were working at a slow pace, but think of the alternative!

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