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We are a full machine shop located in the Bakersfield/Shaftner California area
Machine Shop Services

1. Bore and Honing, Tourqe Plates


2. Rod Rebuilding


3. Valve Guide and Seat Repair, Valve Jobs


4. Mill Work


5. Hot Tanking


6. Bead Blasting


7. Engine Balancing


8. Align Honing 

The Loe Pit Stop does dyno tuning. Let us help you get the most out of your race engine
Dyno Services 

We have a DTS Computer controlled engine dyno. We offer engine/cam break-in services. Our standard service includes break-in, timing loop, carb testing. We can add additional testing of intake manifolds, headers, camshafts for additional fees.  

We offer trackside race engine tuning for circle, road, and dirt racing cars. We can also travel to your race shop to change valve springs.
OffSite Service 

We offer trackside engine tuning for circle track and road racing cars. We can travel to your race shop to change valve springs. 

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